Kaigan Kan Karate-Do

Kaigan Kan Karate-Do provides a family friendly, safe and professional environment for those who want to learn a traditional martial art, live healthier, learn self-defence or to just get into shape.  The Instructors here are second to none and will make sure you are well looked after from the moment you walk through the door!

All classes are age specific allowing us to provide students with exactly what they need in the most productive environment.

With centres in Singleton, Tamworth, Coffs Harbour, Bathurst, Jerrys Plains, Abermain


Adult Classes

Our Adult Karate classes provide a great physical workout that focuses on improving cardiovascular health, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as learning proven self defence techniques. In our adult martial arts classes, you are always learning something new or improving on a skill.  Because you want to get to get fit, be confident that you can defend yourself, and have a good time, right?

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Kids Karate

Karate and martial arts offer something no other sport offers. It encompasses aspects of life that would never get addressed in a routine sport. Sport is an absolute necessity in a child’s life but what if you could get more out of a sport than just incredible fitness. What about reaching optimum fitness goals, a heightened sense of community, a new level of focus and self-awareness, a tangible goal based incentive to keep training. In brief increase fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, stillness, self-control, confidence, co-ordination, posture, and concentration 

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Weapons Training (Kobudo)

Kobudo is an entirely separate art from Karate, even though many Karate styles combine it as part of their Karate (or "empty hand") system. At Kaigan Kan Karate -Do, our aim is to preserve this art in its original form, much the same way we strive to do that for our karate program. Students who decide to train in Kobudo have a Kobudo rank which is separate from their karate rank. The classes and curriculum are all separate and follow the same format as the classes at the Ryukonkai headquarters in Gushikawa City, Okinawa, Japan.

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Kaigan Kan Karate-Do
Address: 4/2 Enterprise Cres
Singleton NSW 
Call: 0402 806 701

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NSW Government is providing a $100 Active Kids voucher to all children up to age 17.

Claim your voucher and either use it to join us or put towards paying your monthly fees

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